Outdoor services

Well-trimmed outdoor areas

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Let our employees work their green magic so your outdoor areas bids welcome to your employees, suppliers and customers with the right trimmed look. Gardener services are much more than mowing the lawn around the building. Our engaged employees can nurse the grass, trim the hedge and cut thickets and trees. But outdoor services are much more than the green areas. We can also clear away snow, clean drains and grates, keep the parking lot clean, inspect signs and flags, and take care of outdoor inventory such as benches, bins and fences, and make sure that the outdoor lightings are working. Our solutions can be up and down scaled according to season needs.

Contact us to learn more of the facility solutions we offer. No matter which solution fits your company the best, you have a single point of contact who is responsible for the entire deliverance and a facility management system that gives you an overview of the costs.

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