Specialized cleaning

Advanced and atypical cleaning tasks

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Cleaning is a multidisciplinary and professional discipline. At ALLIANCE+, we are ambitious and dedicated to providing even advanced and atypical cleaning tasks. We are specialized in e.g. sterile cleaning, cleaning in heights, cleaning of exhibitions and fragile items and cleaning in the financial sector.

We know what the Food Drug Administration (FDA) requires, we have experience with cleaning antic sculptures and big chandeliers and we know the safety regards and security measures in the financial sector. No cleaning task is too big or specialized for ALLIANCE+.

Confidence is a key element in the cleaning delivery, particularly when the delivery is specialized. In addition to the professional qualifications, we also train employees to understand the customer's product, so they understand their role in supporting your business. We care about the environment and therefore, we are certified by the Nordic Eco-label in both Denmark and Norway.

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