Employee restaurants

Food made from the bottom with local ingredients

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At APPETIZE+, we believe that food made from the bottom tastes better and is healthier than ready-made products. We make food like pesto, relish, jam and gluten-free bread from the bottom. We like to use fresh herbs to give the food a good and varied taste.

We want to make it easy to choose healthy. APPETIZE+ has a dietary policy that is based on the Danish Food Agency's ten food advice. But even more important - everything we cook tastes good, looks good and smells wonderful. If healthy food is delicious and inviting, it will automatically be the first choice for guests in our employee restaurants.

At APPETIZE+, we balance the consideration of economy and environment. Therefore, we aim to minimize food waste and resource consumption, and we have systematic routines about waste sorting and recycling. Our philosophy is quite simple: The money is spent where they provide the most value.

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