News 29.10.2019

Work experience day in Sweden – Company Day 2019

Wednesday, October 23, we had the first ALLIANCE+ "Company Day" in Sweden.

What is special about this day and what does it mean? Dalia Ramzi, Country Manager in Sweden says:

"Company Day is a great opportunity for the back-office employees to really get to know what is going on in the operation. We followed along with an employee for an entire day to see what the job entails, what the challenges are and what can be improved. We simply want to give everyone a picture of what a normal workday with our services looks like."
Dalia Ramzi, Country Manager

From Malmö in the south up to Gävle in the north, about 40 back-office employees and managers spend the day in a variety of locations this first Company Day. The day is intended to be a yearly event in Sweden.

"Our service employees are the most important part of our company, and Company Day is an opportunity for them to show what they do every day - we want to ensure an internal and professional pride. Another important part of Company Day is to strengthen the ALLIANCE+ brand and to ensure that we keep having the most satisfied employees in our industry. We will continue to work actively with this in the future."
Dalia Ramzi, Country Manager

Martin Westberg, Segment Director of Hotels in Sweden, tells about his day working as service employee at a customer in Stockholm:

"Most of us has a focused knowledge and set of skills in our own segment. But with the Company Day we can experience and get a deeper understanding of the other segments as well, which I think is fantastic. For me it’s been very good, being specialized in the hotel segment, but now I gained a broader understanding of ALLIANCE+ full service delivery potential. And understanding is always good."
Martin Westberg, Segment Director of Hotels

In this year's employee survey, the company received an extremely high employee satisfaction index, but a couple of development opportunities within the organization were also identified. Among other things, a need to increase the closeness between employees and managers was identified. With the Company Day the management team gained a deeper insight into what can be improved, and with the practical work everyone also gained a better understanding of the core business and got a closer dialogue with the employees in the field.

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