News 03.04.2018

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel of ALLIANCE+ is renewed in both Denmark and Norway

We are proud to tell that ALLIANCE+ renewed the Nordic Eco-Label for another three years in both Denmark and Norway.

A Nordic Swan Ecolabeled cleaning service means that at least 80% of our cleaning agents carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and that we comply with the specific requirements of the environmental labelling as regards to transportation, consumption of litter bags, use of eco-labelled consumables, consideration for the life-cycle of the products, high ethics and a good working environment. It requires full focus on our purchasing and use of materials, cars, etc. to maintain the ecolabel, and at ALLIANCE+ we are proud to do so. If you are interested in reading more about how we take action in supporting a better climate for our planet you can read our CSR report 2017 here.

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