News 25.08.2020

ALLIANCE+ employee is one of the finalists to Clean Bright Awards 2020

Clean Bright Awards celebrates people in the cleaning industry, and this year an employee from ALLIANCE+ is one of the finalists.

Every year the Swedish Clean Bright Awards pay tribute to people who have done a remarkable job in the cleaning industry. Five categories with one winner in each category will be awarded at the beginning of October at the Clean Bright Awards, which will be an online award this year due to COVID-19.

One of the categories is Cleaner of the Year, and one of only three finalists is Juan Perez from ALLIANCE+. The jury’s motivation for nominating Juan is:

Juan is the kind of person you can always count on. He ensures job satisfaction and he is professional. When ALLIANCE+ received the first confirmed Covid-19 infection in an office in March 2020 and the customer wished to carry out decontamination, Juan said yes immediately. It is worth mentioning that many cleaners were terrified at this moment of staying in infected locations and even less wanted to carry out any decontamination of the Covid-19 virus, which was something completely new and foreign to all of us. Juan has the ability to calm down many of his colleagues who have been very worried. Thanks to Juan's explanations and calm manner, it has strengthened the teams considerably and everyone has had peace of mind even during this pandemic. Juan is very popular with the customers and is often praised in surveys as a very professional, positive, and service-oriented employee.

Dalia Ramzi, country manager in ALLIANCE+ Sweden says:

"We are very proud of our employee Juan Perez. It has been a tough year in many ways and for us in the cleaning industry, it has meant that many of our employees have made heroic efforts to reduce the spread of infection among our customers. Juan is one of the employees who took on an extra-large responsibility this year and secured both our customers and colleagues during this difficult period. We cross our fingers that Juan will be the final winner. Go Juan!"
Dalia Ramzi

You can see all the finalists for Clean Bright Awards here.

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