News 03.04.2018

ALLIANCE+ publishes CSR report 2017

We do not only deliver facility solutions. In ALLIANCE+ we assume responsibility and effect the objects of our business: ”Facility solutions, for and by people who care”

At ALLIANCE+, we want to create value – not only financial value, but also environmental and social value. We show this in our new CSR report for 2017. The report focuses on our most important influence areas – environmental, employee and society value. We present actual examples from 2017 to show how ALLIANCE+ takes action in making a difference. One of the examples:

"On the day of Christmas Eve, the Danish Red Cross invited a total of 310 guests for Christmas dinner at Codanhus and on Refshaleøen. The guests were people and families with limited networks. APPETIZE+ sponsored the Christmas dinner so that all guests got the opportunity to enjoy a proper Danish Christmas meal."

In 2018 ALLIANCE+ will focus on maintenance of a high-quality level, minimization of negative impact on the climate, increase responsibility in our food production and continue to increase employee satisfaction. See how in the CSR report 2017, find the report on our website - - or click here.

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