News 23.04.2019

ALLIANCE+ CSR report 2018

Our business is about facility solutions for and by people who care, but it is more than that…

ALLIANCE+ publishes Corporate Social Responsibility report 2018. We consider CSR to be a natural and integrated part of our business, and we keep working towards our targets. 

Our CSR activities focus on our most substantial CSR impact areas:

  • Our environmental responsibility
  • Our employee responsibility
  • Our social responsibility

In the report you can among other things read about how we joined "DANMARK MOD MADSPILD":

"Being part of the fight to minimize food waste motivates us even more. We will proudly support and increase the focus on the UN’s world goals together with our talented colleagues in the kitchens and our many thousands of daily guests. Several of the partners in ”DANMARK MOD MADSPILD” are already our suppliers, and this makes it even more interesting and inspiring that we work together towards a common goal."
Director of APPETIZE+, Magnus Abrahamsson

The report also constitutes an annual evaluation from which we can set new targets. In 2019 we want to maintain a high quality level, minimize our impact on the climate and increase employee engagement. See how in the report along with the targets we reached in 2018.

You can find the report on
or click here to download ALLIANCE+ CSR report 2018

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