More than a job

We are proud of what we do and wish to add a plus to our customers' day

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“Anybody can sweep a floor or peel a potato….”. You might have experienced similar prejudice about cleaning, catering and other service functions. But for those of us who work with these services every day, we know it takes much more than that. It takes knowledge, skills and not least, a very special attitude to want to make a difference to the customer. We are dedicated, innovative, and ambitious on all levels of the company to add a plus to our customers' day.

More than a job

We are continuously looking for new colleagues
who want to make a difference.

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.01 Working at ALLIANCE+

Meet the employees

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"I use a lot of time in the operation, I'm motivating the employees and always trying to optimize the way we work."
Doreen Wagner, Regional Manager Norway
"I think it's fun to be part of a big company and at the same time feel safe. We are all like one big family working together."
Antigoni Chrysanthapoulou, Location responsible Sweden
.03 Education

Training that creates results

At ALLIANCE+, we educate our employees on all levels to be able to deliver the best service to our customers. We make targeted education to both operations, management and staff functions in our internal +academy program.

+academy consists of different modules ranging from our onboarding program when you start and to specialized training, project management, sales training, business acumen and leadership programs. We have an ongoing focus on talent development to ensure our future pipeline of leaders and specialists.

.04 CSR and responsibility

Employee handbook

Our story is about a small company that has grown to be one of the biggest service companies. It is a story about overcoming resistance and tough competition by making a crucial difference. That is why we have written the employee handbook. And if you work at ALLIANCE+, you play an important part in the story of the book. In here, you can read about everything that makes your job something very special.

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Equality and diversity

We aim to promote equality and diversity in ALLIANCE+ to increase the possibilities of new ideas and work methods that can contribute to creating results for both us and our customers. Our target is to reach a 60/40 distribution in gender. In 2016, we had a positive development with 65.5 % women versus 68 % in 2015. However, gender is not the only factor in obtaining diversity and we are proud to have more than 40 different nationalities in ALLIANCE+ that contributes every day to the development of our business with their different cultures and perspectives.

Download equality report

Working environment

A good working environment is crucial to our employee satisfaction and thereby also to our ability to deliver on our promises and to deliver quality to our customers. In ALLIANCE+, we care about the working environment and the welfare of our employees by having an established working environment organization, make ongoing workplace assessments and engagement surveys, and continuously handle and prevent work injuries. This also includes searching for new technologies and cleaning materials that are better for our employees’ physics and health.

CSR report

We not only affect our employees, but also the environment and society with our services. This requires commitment and therefore, we have formulated a CSR report that sets targets for how we take care of our employees, the environment and society. In the CSR report, you can also read more about our Nordic Eco-label and how we live up to the Danish Service Norm as part of our responsibility.

Download CSR report
.05 Leadership

Our leadership principles

Our leaders are the key to engaged employees and our ability to deliver a great customer experience. Therefore, we have defined three leadership principles that sets the framework for how we manage our company. Our leaders must be hands-on, result oriented and energizing.

Your manager remains in close contact with you and works with you on ensuring that you have the tools, skills and information needed to succeed. And you can count on feedback on your performance and an open dialogue with your manager regarding your personal development. Together, we spread the enthusiasm and energy needed to make a difference.

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.07 Instagram


We are proud of what we do and every day, our employees contribute to making each day better to companies, guests, customers, children and adults. Get a sneak peek into our everyday working life by following us on Instagram where you will find us by the name Allianceplusdk.

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