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ALLIANCE+ is one of the leading independent providers of facility solutions in Scandinavia. Our headquarter is in Copenhagen and we have offices throughout Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. We employ more than 3,000 highly educated and passionate employees throughout Scandinavia, who daily serves more than 3 million square meters and more than 7,000 guests in our staff restaurants.

Our purpose is to deliver facility solutions created for and by people who care. We enter partnerships with customers who care about quality and about creating the best working environment for their employees. Our customers count some of the Nordic region’s largest companies as well as medium-sized businesses, retail chains and stores, hotels, and the public sector.

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We are proud of what we do and every day, our employees contribute to making each day better to companies, guests, customers, children and adults. Get a sneak peek into our everyday working life by following us on Instagram where you will find us by the name Allianceplusdk.

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On our LinkedIn profile, you will find available jobs, news about ALLIANCE+ and the latest research within our line of business. We want to be part of increasing the attention to the contribution of cleaning, catering and facility services to employee and customer satisfaction as well as a better climate.

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.04 Annual reports

Get the annual report here

If you wish to know more of our financial foundation and development you can find our annual reports here. We continuously put forward financials and other company materials, so you get even closer to a developing company.

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.05 CSR-report

Get the CSR report here

In ALLIANCE+, we have always prioritized the welfare and development opportunities of our employees. We carry a social responsibility and take our position seriously as a workplace for many nationalities. We also have a continuous focus on reducing the effects on both climate and health when we deliver our services. Read more about our efforts in the CSR report.

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Nordic eco-label

As one of the very few big cleaning companies, ALLIANCE+ is certified with the Nordic Eco-label “Svanen” in both Norway and Denmark. We were certified years ago and therefore; the consideration of the environment has become a part of our business foundation and the company’s DNA. Every year, 1.4 billion square metres in Denmark is cleaned by a certified cleaning company and ALLIANCE+ cleans 541 million of these, which is approximately 37 %. The Nordic Eco-label sets strong demands for areas like chemicals, driving, waste handling and education. We are proud to contribute to a sustainable future.

The Danish Service Norm

ALLIANCE+ is certified by the Danish Service Norm. This means that we must live up to a series of demands for education of our employees, that we have updated service certificates, and that we live up to statutory insurance terms. We are also under the control of Dansk Standard. We work with the Service Norm as a guidance for our employees, our work processes and our quality control. It is absolutely part of keeping us on track and it challenges us to do better all the time. At the same time, you can be assured as a customer that we work actively with areas like environment, quality control, working environment, employee policies, education and sub-suppliers.

ISO Certifications and Quality Management

To us, quality management is not empty words, but fixed procedures involving ongoing follow-up and optimization of work. This gives a comfortable environment to our employees and a uniform and high-quality level of service. Based on a detailed control list, our service manager and customer perform a monthly quality control together. Potential problems will be identified quickly so we can adjust our services and respond to new customer needs. That is how we continuously adjust expectations. ALLIANCE+ is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified in both Norway and Sweden.

Climate and sustainability

We continuously look for innovative solutions with a potential to reduce the use of cleaning chemicals, electricity, water consumption and food waste. This benefit both the indoor climate and the costs at our customer, the working environment for our employees and not the least the climate in general where we all take part in securing the future of our planet. Progress is reported annually as part of our dedication to the UN Global Compact in our CSR report.

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.07 Group Management

A dedicated team

Anders Egehus

Anders Egehus Group CEO

Charlotte Steenstrup Hentzen

Charlotte Steenstrup Hentzen Director HR & Director Corporate Affairs

Michael Torpe

Michael Torpe Group CFO

.08 The Board

Karsten Poulsen

Karsten Poulsen Chairman

Jesper Lok

Jesper Lok Vice-chairman

Kim Guldstad

Kim Guldstad Board member, CEO Kirk Kapital

Henrik Bonnerup

Henrik Bonnerup Board member, Partner CFO Polaris Equity