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“Anybody can sweep a floor or peel a potato….” You might have experienced similar prejudice about cleaning, catering, and other service functions. But for those of us who work with these services every day, we know it takes much more than that. It takes knowledge, skills and not least, a very special attitude to make a difference to the customer.

All businesses have their own core competencies and what is merely support services to many businesses is our core competence. We help you to focus on your business and create employee satisfaction by ensuring that the work conditions are right. Cleaning and catering are at the core of what we do. But ALLIANCE+ is much more than that. We offer a range of facility services like reception, handyman, and outdoor services. But first and foremost, ALLIANCE+ is about people who know that letting us work for you, we become part of the promise you have made to your employees and customers.

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Mutual trust, flexibility and a single point of contact are some of the things our customers emphasize in working with ALLIANCE+.

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Facility Solutions

Jyske Bank

"We have one contact person that we can contact about everything and a common email address, where we get immediate response when users write about missing, extra cleaning, etc. Monthly checks in all departments work well, and we do not discuss who is right. Common trust makes us trust each other. "

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Lindø port of Odense

"ALLIANCE+ appears as a flexible company that understands to adapt the ad hoc tasks that constantly arise. The daily collaboration between LPO and ALLIANCE+ works really well and our regular contact person is good at understanding our tasks and providing good input for solving the pending tasks."

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A lot of our services are described in standards that can be measured. But when you work with services, you work with people. And there is no such thing as standard people. We want to make a difference to our customers and give them a great experience. Standards are something we live up to. Good experiences are what we create for our Customers and each other. Do you feel the difference?

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